Refund & Out of stock items

There are 2 options:
1) We do not charge you for any out of stock item. If your final bill is lower than your checkout amount due to this, we automatically process the refund upon delivery by cash.


2) We will offer a replacement – When the original item is out of stock, our rider will call you and offer you a replacement item that you can choose to accept or decline. If you accept the replacement item, you will be charged on its full price instead of the price of your original item.


Should you find that any item you receive is incorrect or not up to your satisfaction, you can reject it on the spot by letting our Rider know. We will only charge you for items that you accept.

Once you have accepted your delivered items, the transaction is considered finalized and any further returns will be up to management discretion.

This policy does not apply to:
a) Fresh Produce
b) Frozen and chilled food
c) Clearance/Discount/Promotions products
d) Bulk items

If you discover that there are issues with order (e.g. wrong order, defective order, or missing item) please contact customer support via email at . In some cases, Kawan Hantar Mart may request for photographic evidence and/or additional information to investigate the issue with your order. If we determine that the order and/or goods you received are not of satisfactory condition or quality, we will compensate you for your order or parts of your order.